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UPCAT 2010 Results now online.

UPCAT 2010 Results are already published  online at yesterday, January 18, 2010. Results have also been  The online results can also be viewed via the following mirror sites:

The printed results are posted at the Office of Admissions in UP Diliman, as well as in other UP campuses.

Posted by: macoy | May 9, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Even when typhoon Emong seemed to have gone away, the rains proved to be more persistent. Metro Manila felt the typhoon last Thursday, but it was sunny all over yesterday (Friday). So I thought that was the last of the pre-rainy season downpours.

I was about done eating late lunch at Mang Inasal, Tomas Morato when the rain poured down heavily, and the street outside was immediately flooded. At first I thought, this was usual in this section in Morato. But my was I mistaken – the flooding also covered the sidewalk this time. :O
Obviously all of the customers (and of course, the Mang Inasal staff & crew) inside were stranded.

I said to myself, good thing Mang Inasal’s floor level was several inches higher than the sidewalk level, so there’s no need to worry. But I was mistaken again. The water did reach Mang Inasal’s floor level, and it went inside even in the air-conditioned section. :O The water inside rippled, caused by, well… “waves” from the street which was further caused by passing vehicles who were stubborn enough to brave it out treading the river that is Tomas Morato Avenue. And it smelled like mudwater, carrying with it dirt, dried leaves and of course, dead roaches.

I was typing this entry with my feet resting in one of the table’s legs, and it’s already been an hour since we’ve been stranded in here (checked my watch, it’s 2:20pm).

Here are some of the pictures I took when all the action was happening:

This was taken when before the water level breached Mang Inasal’s floor level. The van is parking on the T. Morato sidewalk of Mang Inasal. Notice the small boy enjoying in the middle of the street.

Another view of the mayhem outside.

Snapshots of water gushing inside the Mang Inasal air-conditioned area.


I wasn’t able to take decent pictures anymore when all the floor area was covered with water since the lights went out in Mang Inasal at 2:00pm…

I wonder how it was with the other establishments in Tomas Morato, or in other parts of Quezon City for that matter…

PS: I finally got out of Mang Inasal as the water level receded below Mang Inasal’s floor level. Good thing the establishment has no window so I was able to jump out easily on the sidestreet and proceed to Starbucks Morato. When I got out that section of the street was still flooded and the sidewalk’s pavement was starting to be visible again…

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Blog changes for 2009

Starting this year, I’m reverting this blog to back to a more personal nature. All other topics including work, music and other interests will be placed in my old blog (and thus reviving it) – Sporadic Ramblings of a Four-Eyed Jester.  For instance, the UPCAT 2009 results and related announcements will be posted there.

Posted by: macoy | December 12, 2008

Plug: Tiny Cactus Live Tonight 7pm on The Edge Radio

It’s been almost two months since my band, Tiny Cactus last had a gig. The members were busy with work (among others :P). So, to break the long pause, we will be playing live tonight (December 12, 2008) on The Edge Radio, an internet radio based in Makati City. I think our slot is 7pm (Manila Time) so you might wanna tune in around that time. Click here for the direct streaming link.

We’re trying to resurrect an original Christmas song, which we played a few times in 2006. The song was written a couple of months after the band was formed.  We didn’t have the luxury (and the common sense) to record it even as a demo, that’s why it was buried in our subconscious minds after Christmas 2006 was over.

TJ will try to remember the lyrics, or just write a new set of lyrics if he cannot remember the entire song. I’m not sure if we’ll be playing this song tonight, but most likely on Sunday night at KBCF’s 33rd anniversary.

Hope you’ll tune in tonight though, Christmas song or no Christmas song from Tiny Cactus. 🙂

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Links of the Day: 29 October 2008

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Links of the Day: 28 October 2008

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Personality I.D.

Just one of them personality tests. This one I got from Career Direct:

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Links of the day: 16 October 2008

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Links of the Day (01 September 2008)

Interesting reads of the day:

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The Eraserheads Reunion Concert

Getting Eraserheads to perform together again is in itself a very major feat (a miracle if you will) and rumors about it getting cancelled a couple of times added to the band’s dramatic but legendary story. I personally thought that it might really be postponed or cancelled when the mother of Ely Buendia (the lead vocalist) died just a couple of days ago before the concert.

But there I was, in the midst of tens of thousands who trekked to the Fort Bonifacio Global City open field in Taguig to watch the much awaited Eraserheads Reunion Concert last night. (You can view a few seconds of qik streaming coverage of the concert here.) It was surreal, and again bitin as it was cut short because Ely was rushed to Makati Medical Center after he collapsed during the supposed 20 minute break before the second set.

We still couldn’t believe our ears but Lally (Ely’s sister) announced it and his bandmates Buddy Marcus, and Raymund were serious when they got back on stage and apologized for the unfortunate development. There was also a minute of silence as prayers were offered for Ely’s condition. So we had to exit the venue and thankfully no untoward incident happened and the thousands of paying fans were calm and understanding, albeit confused and saddened.

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