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Seven Questions

I just want to share the transcript / outline / notes that I have made from Charles Stanley's "will of God" podcast series based on InTouch Ministries Radio Program. May you find this outline helpful, and hopefully you'll subscribe to the Ministry's podcasts after this. Most of the phrases are quoted verbatim from the podcast.
7 Questions We Should Ask When Seeking the Will of God
by Dr. Charles Stanley
From the InTouch Ministry Radio Program Podcast
Will of God Series: How Can I Be Sure?

    * Some decisions are far more important than what we think
          o This relationship, that job, etc…

   1. Is it consistent with the Word of God?
          * Is there some Scripture that indicates this is the right thing / that I should not do this?
                o most of the time
                o the principle is there
          * e.g., I'm trying to figure out if I should be baptized
                o I have my own opinion about it
                o I don't wanna make my hair messed up
                o I don't want someone to dump me into the water
                o Is it really necessary?
                o So I'm gonna go to the Word to find out
                o If you don't consult the Word of God, it's so easy to step out of the will of God
   2. Is this a wise decision?
          * If I do this, what are the future consequences of this?
          * Where is this gonna take me?
          * How is this gonna affect me in the future?
          * It may look like something I wanna do now, but is this a wise decision?
          * I'm praying God for wisdom, is this the wise thing to do?
          * Not, "Am I having some real emotional excited feeling right now. This is absolute

            wonderful today." Is this a wise decision? What is the consequence of this?
          * e.g., is it a wise decision marrying somebody who is not a Christian?
                o not even into the Word of God
                o not going to church at all
                o is that a wise decision?
                o "but I'm so in love, I'm so happy about the relationship, it's absolutely wonderful…"
                o (only) temporarily
                o is it a wise decision to link your life up to someone who is opposed to the will of God?
                o pure simple common sense says it's not
                o but you'll be surprised that believers, who in their emotional upheaval, just because everything is wonderful [will rationalize]:
                      + "he/she's not saved but with my influence i'm gonna get him/her saved," blah blah blah… [Dr. Stanley's very words :)]
                      + but only find out with great dismay that's not the way it is
   3. Can I honestly ask God to enable me to do this / get this / to do it?
          * hurt somebody else, cause them harm, cause them to suffer
          * what they got will turn to ashes sooner or later
          * warning: if you do that, you're gonna be sorry
   4. Do I have genuine peace about this?
          * there's one thing in your heart that you cannot do: force peace
          * you lie down at night, talk to God about it… there's not a ripple in your heart about it
                o crystal clear: perfect peace
                o conscience doesn't say anything: yes
                o emotions don't say anything: yes
          * sometimes God does not say, "can't do this." rather, "not the right time"
          * you can't force God to agree on something that's not His will.
          * you can fast and fast, [but] all the fasting in the world can't give you peace about something that's not His will

          * God does not give you peace about something that's not of Him
          * Would you want God to give you peace about something that's not His will?
                o No.
                o Cause if that's the case, you can't trust Him
   5. Does this fit who I am in Christ, as a follower of Jesus?
          * e.g, drinking
                o our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit
                o when I disobey the laws of health, the consequences
                o even if you're a great prayer warrior, God will not exempt you from the laws of health
                o His discipline comes in severe ways
                o my side notes:

                      + Galatians 6:7

                            # "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." (KJV)

                            # also mentioned from Dr. Stanley's previous podcast: Hindrances to Knowing the Will of God

                      + Hebrews 10:30-31

                            # "30For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. And again, The Lord shall judge his people. 31It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." (KJV)

                      + that's how He operates
                o What about my testimony?
                      + how i respond to people, how do I treat them, the people I work with
                      + e.g., holding a grudge about somebody, criticizing them, gossiping about them, going to places that we should not go, having relationships that we should not have

      These questions are very simple… but they are pentrating. They force honesty upon us if we really mean it.
   6. Does it fit God's overall plan for my life?
          * How does my thinking/conduct today fit God's overall plan?
          * How does this decision fit God's overall plan
          * e.g., you need to be very careful about choosing:
                o your vocation in life
                o who you're gonna marry in life
                o how are you gonna spend your life
                o many major decisions in life
          * God's plan is the best for you life
   7. Will this decision honor God?
          * Am I showing respect and reverence for God when doing this?
          * Am I acknowledging that He's the Lord and Master of my life?
          * Is that evident by what I'm doing here?

These 7 questions are simple. Run these questions 3 or more times. Mull over it. (Listen to Dr. Stanley's podcast re his experience having "perfect peace" asking and answering these questions several times, but got all negative answers on the third try.) [When you] lie down at night and ask the Lord, "God, I'm gonna be deadly honest with you Lord, I must know Your will."

Don't let Satan trick you…

    * "Well, I did ask these questions…"
    * God will show you crystal clear
    * God will show exactly what to do and what not to do

Now that I know His will, am I willing to do it?

    * It may cost me
    * It may not be popular
    * I may be misunderstood
    * I may be criticized
    * You could lose some things (e.g., job, relationships)

Am I gonna do the will of God, now that I know it, NO MATTER WHAT? There will be many questions but..



Run the 7 questions: Yes or No per item

– that's why it's very important to know the will of God.


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