Posted by: macoy | October 10, 2006

Comfort Games

While reading an article from Slashdot, it got me thinking what my comfort games are. According to the said article, comfort games are “reliable, fun titles are the old favorites you consistently look to for amusement and solace after a bad gaming session, a bad day, a bad week.” So here goes:

5. Super Mario Bros. 3 (I believe this is the best Super Mario game ever created)

4. Battle City (or Tank 2000)

3. Tetris (i’m just a sucker for this game. i have tetris in almost all my gadgets and devices if applicable)

2. Warcraft III – Frozen Throne – Defense of the Ancients (DotA)

1. Counter-Strike (mama elsa na!)

Battle City and Tetris are also the kind of games where I can play even on my phone when I get bored in any setting – from meetings to parties. I call them play-without-thinking games. đŸ˜›


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