Posted by: macoy | November 6, 2006

Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Got summarily tagged by Aleks. Mwehehe… Hope you find this “informative.” 😛

5. SMALL BUT TERRIBLE. That’s how my teachers used to call me when I was in elementary and high school. Not only was I one of the shortest in my batch – I was also as thin as a stick figure. I only gained weight and grown tall when I entered college. The terrible part? Well, that part most of you already know. 🙂

4. SPORTS. I haven’t played even a single game of basketball (even in the street or in school) in my entire life. Ever. Even though I love watching NBA and PBA. As most already know, my favorite sports are table-tennis, darts, soccer, running and just a couple of years ago, badminton.

3. BOOKS. Even though I love reading books and I have quite a collection on various genres and topics of interests, I am a *slow* reader. Yun lang.

2. PARTIAL AMBIDEXTERITY. Most people know that I’m a lefty, but I could also write using my right hand, although not as nicely but at least it’s legible. Back in college, I was forced to take notes using my right hand in our Chemistry 16 class whenever my left hand became sore from writing those loooong notes. Or is it shocking that I was writing notes in class? 😛 Nowadays my handwriting has deteriorated even with my left hand, thanks to computers and printers.

When my mom was alive she would always see to it that I use my right hand for the spoon and the left for the fork. Whenever I could, I would switch the spoon and fork, but my mother would notice it eventually and she would order me to switch it back again. After she died, I have permanently used the my left hand for the spoon and my right hand for the fork. It feels and looks awkward whenever I attempt to switch them in memory of Mommy…

I can use both my left and right hand for the computer mouse, although when I have lots to do and in panic mode, I switch the mouse to my left hand. I don’t switch the mouse buttons though regardless of which hand I’m using. I can also use both hands separately for texting but I text better and faster using my right hand. I don’t text using both hands simultaneously. I find it confusing. :O

In soccer, I use my right leg for power kicks; my left hand for darts, badminton and table-tennis. I can play pingpong with my right hand just for fun. 🙂 The weirdest thing is when I play volleyball. I use my left hand for spiking and overhead service. But I use my right hand for an underhand serve.

How I came to be a lefty is my mischevous older brother’s “fault.” When I was around four, whenever I would scribble or just write gibberish, he always transferred the crayon or pencil to my left hand. When my mom later found out that I was lefty and why, she got mad at my brother. But there was nothing she could do anymore, it was too late. 🙂

When I wanted to learn to play the guitar, I naturally used my left hand as my strumming hand but my kuya immediately switched the guitar to the “proper” position. Since there are only five items, I’ll just make singit this one – my brother and I have similar birthmarks in exactly the same location. It’s not obvious now and I don’t know if my older brother’s birthmark is still visible. When my family was still renting an apartment in Pala-o, Iligan City, we would from time to time show and study each other’s birthmarks. I dunno if having ‘Benedict’ in our names has something to do with it though. 😛

1. TYPING AND COMPUTERS. I learned how to touch-type in third year high school as I was writing my science research paper which was about a hundred pages long. I had to unlearn my “search-and-destroy” method in which I already found comfortable and I was already typing fairly fast with that method. I slowed down drastically as I was typing my paper – I was more concerned in typing the keys with the right fingers. I was “inspired” watching my older sisters (why do I keep emphasizing ‘older’ when I’m the youngest?) because they type the proper way and they didn’t need to look at the keys every step of the way. They were also becoming fast typists. Well, they had to, it’s one of their high school subjects (Practical Arts). And did I mention that I started typing using a typewriter? Archaic ba? Hehe… When I was writing my fourth year high school thesis, I already typed as fast as I did with my former “search-and-destroy” method. Now I type faster than my sisters do.

When I was in fourth year high school, I was forced to use a computer for our group reports and projects. I only knew two programs then – Wordstar 4.0 for normal word-processing and ChiWriter 2.0 for typing mathematical formulas and equations (gosh, I miss typing those integrals, summations, superscripts, subscripts and matrices in ChiWriter). I thought I was proficient enough in DOS 6.21 until I saw my classmate type something and I was in total disbelief:

Me: “Hey, how did you do that?! You mean you can create a directory in the computer by yourself?”

Classmate: “Yeah. Just type md, space then type the name of the directory you want to create. Just like that.”

Me: “Whoah, you must be a computer genius!”



  1. Hmmm…

    1. Small but terrible. Got that monicker in grade school and high school. Heck, one my teachers back then even told my parents to take me home and bring me back a year later – like you, I was the shortest. However, the teacher got the surprise of her life after 6 years – she told my parents, “tignan mo nga naman, eto yung pinauwi ko para bumalik next year” 🙂 That is the ‘terrible’ part.

    2. Sports. When I was in highschool ten years ago (heheh), I played volleyball, table tennis, basketball and soccer. Did you know that I passed PE 2 Basketball via PEPE? Cool, huh? 🙂 Now, all I can do is play table tennis (occassionally) and run/walk (thanks to Nike+iPod).

    3. Books. Not really a voracious reader but I do read when I get a chance — mostly when I am at the boarding area waiting for my flight. 🙂 Last time I read three Dan Brown novels in one trip to the US.

    4. Typing and Computers. Yeah, I touch-type as well. However, I started with a REAL TYPEWRITER. Yeah, the ones that require the physical motion of CARRIAGE RETURN and LINE FEED. 😛

    5. I can cook. This often surprises a lot of people. They never imagined me cooking! I guess it was my grandfather’s influence. 🙂 Add Mr. Yan of ‘Wok with Yan’ and ‘Yan can cook’ tv shows along with Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals. 🙂

  2. 6th thing i didn’t know about you: your age! lol *still in disbelief* 😀

  3. hi aimee. i know you’re gonna write something like that. 😛 most people who know me already know my age. although i find it amusing to see people’s reactions when they learn how old i am for the first time. pang-kodak moment. 😉

    obviously i cheated because there were a lot of information i wrote that most people probably don’t know about me pero siningit-singit ko lang within the items. bakit 5 lang kasi. hehe…

  4. basta 2 years lang difference namin ni Macoy! 😛

  5. 26 ka pa lang sir? :O hehehe

  6. Ay! Akala ko 18 ka pa lang! 😛

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