Posted by: macoy | February 20, 2008

Singles Post-Valentine Banquet on February 23 (Saturday)

The KBCF Single Adults Ministry

would like to invite you to
Kim and Ces Sison
Tickets @ PhP 50 only
See you there!

11th Jamboree St., Barangay Sacred Heart, Kamuning, Quezon City
Telephone : (02) 927-7420
map: [also see vicinity map below]


Spread the love and spread the word. 🙂


There’s gonna be a pa-raffle, may mga minor prizes tapos major prizes are: 1 Wild at Heart book and 1 Captivating book. There’s also gonna be books for sale relating to the topic. So for PhP50, you get to have dinner, listen to 2 speakers with matching FGDs discounted(?) books and a chance to win these 2 books. (“,). You may buy the tickets at the venue. Hope you guys can come.



  1. FIRST!


    punta kayo!

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