Posted by: macoy | December 12, 2008

Plug: Tiny Cactus Live Tonight 7pm on The Edge Radio

It’s been almost two months since my band, Tiny Cactus last had a gig. The members were busy with work (among others :P). So, to break the long pause, we will be playing live tonight (December 12, 2008) on The Edge Radio, an internet radio based in Makati City. I think our slot is 7pm (Manila Time) so you might wanna tune in around that time. Click here for the direct streaming link.

We’re trying to resurrect an original Christmas song, which we played a few times in 2006. The song was written a couple of months after the band was formed.  We didn’t have the luxury (and the common sense) to record it even as a demo, that’s why it was buried in our subconscious minds after Christmas 2006 was over.

TJ will try to remember the lyrics, or just write a new set of lyrics if he cannot remember the entire song. I’m not sure if we’ll be playing this song tonight, but most likely on Sunday night at KBCF’s 33rd anniversary.

Hope you’ll tune in tonight though, Christmas song or no Christmas song from Tiny Cactus. 🙂


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