1. your English is too constipated..coz you’re trying to be politically correct in everything you write and the outcome was a pathetic bllog like this…..

    gosh boy, wag kang hambog…hindi porket taga-UP ka eh magaling ka na noh……

    i know it’s an honor to be in UP…but this case was before…lot’s have changed…kahit naman anong college ang pinapasukan mo ok na debah….i mean iba na ang dating ng UP ngaun….it was not like yung dati na “intellectual” ang dating….ngaun it’s “social” nah…..yeah, kaya pala the no. of upocat takers has plumeted down……….\

    anyway i’m open to your response….got my email naman debah……

  2. […] About […]

  3. Ridiculous…How could you call this blog a “personal” blog if in the first place you’re gonna let other people to read it…….anyway, i’m overwhelmed that you made an effort to reply to my comment with an overwhelming amount of long but superficial craps”….i have to make some clarifications on my last comments….oh, i can’t believe na hindi mo na-gets ang sinabi ko boy!…what i meant with “social” is that now adays, the greater benefit of a UP education is social, not intellectual…..me, I went to a pipitsuging college (in most perspectives), whenever I say that I went to this pipitsugin college they’ll say ‘oh dyan ka lang nag-aral’ and I can see in their eyes a sense of underestimation of me because I just attended this pipitsugin university….my gosh don’t you ever realized that pipitsuging universities don’t always produce pipitsugung students…..debah what does the statement “I went to UP” meant to you when you hear it….gosh even if you are just a laid-back estudent in UP and you said that you went to UP oh first impression genius ka……gosh this “I went to UP” thing is a big flaw…sure you’ll say UP is not a haven for laidback students ..think again boy!……i don’t see the difference in terms of quality betwwen my pipitsuging university and UP….One more thing, why your comments to me are flawed…..gosh why do you have to be so formal in a casual conversation…too redundant, boy!…….

  4. macoikz, im sure u can say something on this:

  5. In defense of this guy, Gigil, hindi niya naman ipinangangalandakan na taga UP siya.

    Ikaw pa nga ang nangdawit sa school niya. Secondly, wala ka naman talagang pakialam kung anoman ang ipost nya dito. If you really dont like to read any of his “ridiculous” post, you are very free to go sa ibang sites na hindi ridiculous sa tingin mo.

    Actually, in my perspective, this blog is one of the best, and his writings are interesting.

    The UP culture might have influenced his writing nga, and maybe that’s why he’s trying as you say, or he’s really is very political in his writings. 😀

    So yea, in short. Kung di mo maintindihan, pumunta ka sa ibang blogs or sites. 😀

    Go UP! 😀

  6. sb nga basta grad ka ng up para ka ng may ‘halo’ sa ulo!devah. kala ko smart c gigil why asa pipitsuing univ xa!

  7. hi macoy!

    im sorry if i have to approach you this way…but i would like to know if you are currently exploring. we are in need of systems administrator for novell and i would like to send you the job description. if you are interested,please email me at m.ilaya@ph.fujitsu.com. thanks!

    -kristine ilaya

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