Halloween 2006

I spent the Halloween at Starbucks Morato doing what else but solving a couple of Sudoku puzzles. Fortunately, I was able to salvage Sudoku Companion’s Yesterday’s Sudoku to get the October 30 SOTD. That leaves me just the SOTD for October 29 puzzle to be solved retroactively. I’m just waiting for the October 2006 archive to be available. Below are the solutions for the said puzzles:

October 30, 2006:
SOTD Oct. 30, 2006

November 1, 2006:
SOTD Oct. 30, 2006

These past few weeks have been crazy, not only at the office but also with my gig schedule complementing my playing schedule at KBCF. Every weekend is just so hectic that it rivals my toxic workload at the office.

Just last Friday we played at Tigtigan sa SM Clark, Pampanga. We cancelled a gig last Saturday to rest and had a couple of hours practice for Sunday’s morning services. I had a severe migraine the whole day Sunday which worsened in the afternoon while attending the EE Graduation at KBCF. The lineup wasn’t finalized until the last minute (literally), although it turned out just fine but during the message my head really hurt that my bandmate thought that I my eyes reddened because I slept through the message. When we played the remaining songs at the end, I was grimacing in pain. I had to sleep at my house to rest before the Kolumn Bar gig and just be back by the 8pm call time. The migraine continued till the next day so I didn’t report for work. I managed to get out of bed by 1:30pm that day. Had to eat too, you know. But I should be grateful though, because another bassist was available to play at KBCF’s vesper service because if it weren’t the case, I’d also be playing in that service, too. Teka lang, di ko na yata kaya yun, five “sets” in one day with a splitting migraine? Hmm…

And how did I spend the holiday? Tiny Cactus practiced at Kax’ uncle’s house for the November 4 gig at Kolumn Bar (again?! :P). We also got to jam Kax’ composition and ate a hearty lunch there. Yeah, lunch with a view. Thanks Kax! After lunch I had to leave because I had to do some office work (yeah, never fails every Undas). Just taking a break now, had dinner w/ TJ and Justin at Dencio’s and I’m at Starbucks Morato right now wherein I ran into Aimee who had nothing better to do than surf and blog and make tambay. After this I’m going back to the office to check if the program I’m running is already finished. Might spend the night there too if I have to which is most likely because another seasonal pre-semester task is most likely needing my attention now as I am writing this entry. So, my day’s not so boring somehow.


SOTD: October 31, 2006

Wasn’t able to go online for the past two days and there’s still no SOTD Archive for October so I have to contend with today’s SOTD. Promise, I’ll post the solutions here as soon as I get my hands on them.

I am also heeding Rom’s advice, so I’m placing the SOTD on the sidebar instead of the “bottom” bar. 🙂 I’m tempted to answer Kax’ previous query, but I think visiting Sudoku’s Wikipedia entry is more than enough to get anyone started in learning to playing the game, and learn a few background information, history and stuff.

So, here’s my solution for the Sudoku of the Day: October 31, 2006:

October 31, 2006

Sudoku of the Day

Starting today I will be posting solutions to Sudoku of the Day. If you want, you can solve the game for yourself – there’s a “clean” copy of the SOTD (my personal acronym for Sudoku of the Day, like MOTD :P) at the bottom of this blog.

SOTD is provided for *free* by the creators of Sudoku Companion for Mac.

I’m wondering why I wasn’t playing this game before. Nakaka-adik talaga, sobra! Warning: if you’re O.C., this game might be dangerous to your health. 😛 Sudoku is now officially one of my frequently played games, aside from DotA and Chopper.

So here’s my initial serving – the solution for SOTD October 28, 2006: