My Evolving [Musical] Thoughts on the EDSA Revolution

This piece is about my evolving view and appreciation of the EDSA revolution through five songs.


I remember, when I was in Grade 4, I had chicken pox so I was absent for several days. Back then, I dreaded being absent for even for just one. Good thing, that was when the the EDSA revolution happened. I was ok by the time the classes resumed. So I had no recorded absences, thanks to the EDSA revolution. Haha!

Despite my namesake, and the fact that my mom hailed from Ilocos Norte, I have grown to abhor Pres. Marcos, his regime and his brand of martial law. Growing up as a kid in a bustling industrial city in Mindanao, I thought the world (or at least in the Philippines) was all fine and dandy. The first sign that something was wrong with the the society I was living in was when I learned the news about the assassination of former senator Ninoy Aquino. Before, there were no news of dissent (as I have later learned, FM has a pretty tight grip on media then). You can rarely hear from the grown-ups negative comments about the government or FM’s policies. If they did, it was done in very hushed tones with paranoid looks (as if somebody was watching them).

Fast forward 1986, when a snap election was held. The voices of dissent were getting traction during the campaign period, and you could already feel the sentiment of the majority — they wanted Macoy (FM, not me!) out, and elect the figurehead of the opposition then, Cory Aquino. In the media (TV and radio), the campaign ads that dominated were still those of Marcos and Tolentino, but at least, the ads for the Cory/Doy tandem also got some media mileage. But on the streets, in houses or private gatherings, people were really campaigning for the opposition ticket. That’s why it was so unbelievable (and yes, not credible) that Marcos was declared the winner bye the Comelec.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Even when typhoon Emong seemed to have gone away, the rains proved to be more persistent. Metro Manila felt the typhoon last Thursday, but it was sunny all over yesterday (Friday). So I thought that was the last of the pre-rainy season downpours.

I was about done eating late lunch at Mang Inasal, Tomas Morato when the rain poured down heavily, and the street outside was immediately flooded. At first I thought, this was usual in this section in Morato. But my was I mistaken – the flooding also covered the sidewalk this time. :O

Obviously all of the customers (and of course, the Mang Inasal staff & crew) inside were stranded.

I said to myself, good thing Mang Inasal’s floor level was several inches higher than the sidewalk level, so there’s no need to worry. But I was mistaken again. The water did reach Mang Inasal’s floor level, and it went inside even in the air-conditioned section. :O The water inside rippled, caused by, well… “waves” from the street which was further caused by passing vehicles who were stubborn enough to brave it out treading the river that is Tomas Morato Avenue. And it smelled like mudwater, carrying with it dirt, dried leaves and of course, dead roaches.

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Birthday Wishlist 2007

It’s my birthday month once again! In the remotest possibility that somebody reading my blog is contemplating what to give me on my birthday here’s a list of things that I wanna have. 🙂

1. Wallet. With cash if possible. Aanhin ang pitaka kung walang pera, di ba? 😛

2. Portable Backpack. My two backpacks are now worn out after years of use. I need something that can carry a 13″ Macbook securely. Preferably this or this.

3. Nokia E61i case. Preferably leather with belt clip for maximum portability and flexibility.

4. Apparel. If you’re tired of seeing me wearing the same set of shirts for the past couple of years, now is the opportune time to buy me something new. 😉 The following items are just suggested buys (I think they’re really kewl), but as most of you know, I wear almost anything as long as they’re comfortable. Any Firefox apparel (shirt or polo shirt) will be okay, too.

Caffeine Molecule
I void warranties
Pi By Numbers
No, I will not fix your computer
Obey gravity, It’s the law!
Binary People
There’s no place like
The Solution
Magic Censored Numbers
Insufficient Memory
resistance is futile


Power Symbol
Geek Love Poem
No Comment
I see dead pixels
1up Mushroom

5. USB Optical mouse. For my daily mobile computing needs.

6. Mouse pad. Same as item. Preferably the one with Google written on it… or this one.

7. Pillows. The bigger the better. Gonna retire my old bed partners soon. This one looks nice.

8. Digital wrist watch. If it comes with USB/Bluetooth functionality, the better.

9. Nike + iPod Sport Kit

10. Nike + shoes

11. Alarm clock. I don’t normally wake up to normal or ordinary alarm clocks. I sleep like a log (“tulog-mantika”) so I guess this is the very thing I need:

12. Cavalry 500GB 3.5″ 7200 RPM 16MB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive – CAUE37500

13. Firefox Sound Bag

14. Grow Your Own 1up Mushroom Kit

15. Ion USB Turntable

16. BluePhoneElite 2.0

Happy shopping. You have more than two weeks to think about it and order abroad if needed. 😛

Status: It’s Constipated

Gigil wrote:

How could you call this blog a “personal” blog if in the first place you’re gonna let other people to read it

Carla has already replied to this using Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary’s definition of a blog.

But I’ll expound it more, baka di pa rin nagi-gets ni gigil. To quote Wikipedia:

Blogs often provide commentary or news on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries.
Wikipedia Blog Entry

My blog falls on the last type of blog, baka di mo pa rin naiintindihan. Private and personal have different meanings in this context as ozzie has pointed out. Indeed, why would I post entries that are deemed private and sensitive “debah.” From time to time I enable passwords so I can limit the people to read a particular entry if i need to restrict access to that entry.

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